Real estate transactions

New rules regarding the Austrian real estate transfer tax, which affect almost any real estate transaction, have been enacted in the last years. These new rules apply to any transfer of real property between individuals, including family members, but also any business transfer involving real estate (e.g. the consolidation of company shares or transfer of business ownership).

Ulrike Hafner is a specialist for real estate transactions. She prepares contracts considering your specific needs and personal circumstances (purchase, sale, gifting or other transfer to the next generation) and will attend to everything required to complete the transaction with the land register, the financing institutions and the tax authorities, cooperating with tax advisors to minimize the taxes triggered if complex tax matters are implicated. Take advantage of a consultation by a real estate expert so that you may make a sound decision!

Counseling the Styrian government

Edwin Mächler has been legal counsel to the Styrian government for years. He continuously achieves budget-relevant success in court proceedings.

>  Care centre trial – the Styrian government wins!

Legal Training for Purchasing and Sales Departments – Claim Management

We have been noticing that our business clients are actively seeking to avoid problems concerning their contracts. As a consequence, we have been advising them about the implementation of procedures to optimize contract negotiations, contract performance and risk management. We offer custom-tailored workshops for any kind of business.

>  Workshop »Recht im Einkauf/Verkauf«

International Claims Settlement

Peter Griss continues to expand his practice in international liability and personal injury cases and successfully represents both accident victims and insurance companies after vehicle or ski accidents and damages in transit.
Over the past years, Dr. Peter Griss has provided ongoing legal advice to several major European insurance companies and in particular expanded his work for a number of law firms and insurance companies from Great Britain and Scandinavia.

>  report of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK (March 2011)

Medical Malpractice and Railway Law

Edwin Mächler constantly wins cases of high media attention in his specialty areas of medical malpractice and railway law.

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No Claim for Compensation upon Designation as Special Protection Area (“Natura 2000”)

With its decree dated September 29, 2009, 8 Ob 35/09v, the Austrian Supreme Court has rendered its first opinion regarding compensation issues triggered by the Natura 2000 programme.
The decision sets forth under which conditions owners of properties affected by the designation as “Special Protection Area” do not have compensation claims against the government.
Edwin Mächler was the government’s legal counsel and won the landmark case.

>  Recht der Umwelt 2010/25