Our great experience regarding the enforcement of rights is of vital importance for our advisory services and our clients’ success.

Specialization and constant continuing legal education of our lawyers ensure the necessary competence and warrant time- and costefficient, achievement oriented, legal services.

Our strengths lie in our openness to respond to individual needs, take on challenges according to the situation, and find the best possible practical solutions.

We provide competent support in a wide range of legal matters, with the following focuses:


We advise regarding

  • the founding and organization of your enterprise
  • the important general company agreements and financing agreements
  • the preparation of your national and international general terms and conditions of business
  • the negotiation and the conclusion of agreements with national and international sales representatives and distributors
  • the development and implementation/acquisition of franchise systems and related agreements
  • the negotiation and conclusion of major national and international purchase-, service-, (plant)construction-, technology transfer and licence agreements
  • all questions relating to e-commerce

We provide assistance in

  • contractual disputes (defaulting debtors, warranty cases, etc.)
  • product liability issues

We advise, considering commercial law as well as tax law related issues, regarding

  • the choice of legal entity (partnerships, corporations, private foundations, etc.)
  • the organization and operation of the enterprise (appointment of managing directors, etc.)
  • the corporate governance among the shareholders/partners (shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, etc.)
  • the organization of Austrian and international subsidiaries and branch offices
  • national and international cooperations and joint ventures
  • corporate restructuring and divestitures
  • mergers and acquisitions, divisions, share transfers

We draft all contracts and advise regarding

  • the handover of enterprises
  • the structuring of donation, purchase and annuity agreements
  • the contribution of companies into private foundations
  • the lease of enterprises

We advise on all aspects of inheritance law, draft last will dispositions (testaments, contracts of inheritance), handover contracts, and contracts for the relinquishment of inheritance and compulsory portions.

We advise, considering unfair competition as well as antitrust law issues, regarding

  • advertising campaigns and distribution activities
  • “creative” advertising methods of your competitors
  • distribution restraints of any kind
  • licensing agreements
  • mergers and cooperations

We defend (litigate) against

  • unfair advertising and distribution methods of your competitors
  • trade restraints and discriminatory practices
  • product piracy
  • breaches of trade secrets and confidentiality commitments

We advise and support (assist) regarding

  • the filing of national, international and community trade mark registration
  • the filing for protection of patterns and designs
  • the filing of patent applications (in cooperation with patent attorneys)
  • the protection of industrial know-how
  • the protection of software and other copyrightable works
  • the conclusion of licensing agreements
  • the exploitation of your intellectual property rights and technology through sales and licensing arrangements

We defend against

  • trademark-, pattern- and patent infringements

We advise our Austrian clients regarding the issues triggered by doing business internationally: We

  • assist in establishing foreign distribution systems and entering into joint venture arrangements,
  • handle international technology transfer and licensing matters,
  • set up foreign subsidiaries and/or branches
  • file for international intellectual property protection in close cooperation with our foreign correspondents
  • counsel regarding international acquisitions, investments and joint ventures
  • handle international banking connection and letter of credit matters
  • negotiate international sales agreements

We work closely with members of excellent law firms all over the world and can recommend the appropriate local attorneys to deal with the authorities on location based on our professional and personal knowledge of our international collegues.


We advise regarding

  • business agreements with financial institutions
  • traditional financing arrangements
  • corporate finance – equity capital finance and venture capital finance
  • financing law and taxation law issues triggered by of various leasing arrangements
  • international business financing and financing guarantees, including, without limitation, letters of credit and bank guarantees
  • securities and securities deposit Business

We provide all legal services related to real estate projects and project financing for private clients, developers, building contractors and financing institutions.

Liability and Insurance

We advise and represent our clients before the courts in all questions relating to

  • traffic and other accidents
  • settlement of damage claims
  • medical malpractise, professional liability
  • product liability

We support our corporate clients in negotiating and concluding national and international insurance contracts (master policies).

Real Estate and Environment

We prepare and review your purchase agreement, act as escrow agent for the payment of the purchase price and attend to the tax aspects and land register registrations.

We prepare gifting deeds and provide estate planning regarding the transfer of your real estate to the next generation.

We prepare easement agreements, mortgage agreements, etc. and advise you regarding any concerns involving real estate and the land register.

We advise our clients in all questions relating to landlord/tenant and housing law, set up lease agreements, and conduct tenancy proceedings. In particular, we alert our business clients to possible tenancy law related consequences of changes in their enterprise’s ownership or structure.

We render advice in public tender proceedings and shed light on the “jungle” of the tender regulations. We support bypassed bidders in the enforcement of their rights against the entity giving the order illegally or against competitors.

Wir beraten und vertreten in Zusammenarbeit mit einschlägigen Experten bei Herstellung und änderungen gewerblicher Betriebsanlagen, Umweltverträglichkeitsprüfungen etc.

Wir beraten und vertreten in Umwelthaftpflichtfällen.

We offer the full scope of environmental legal services:

  • compliance counseling, together with the appropriate experts, in the event of building or modification of industrial plants
  • assistance to obtain and maintain environmental permits, licenses and approvals
  • advice in environmental liability issues
  • litigation services.

We represent our clients in all kinds of administrative procedures before the competent authorities, including the Constitutional Court and the Administrative Court, and also assist municipalities in the exercise of their duties.


We provide services in all aspects of individual and collective labor and employment laws to employees and business management. We assist in the preparation of employment agreements, agreements with the factory counsel, regulations governing industrial relations, internal company pension plans, and the assertion of claims resulting from termination of employment.


Regarding tax planning issues we work closely with Austrian tax advisers and international tax attorneys.

We represent clients before the Austrian tax authorities and the Austrian Constitutional and Administrative Court.

European Union / Southeast Europe

We work closely with correspondents in Brussels and thus have connections to the European Union authorities so that we can anticipate potential issues triggered by upcoming directives or decisions.

We provide advice regarding the manifold aspects triggered by the ongoing harmonization efforts, such as in the areas of

  • antitrust law
  • competition law
  • public tenders
  • public subsidies
  • consumer protection
  • environmental law

We have special experience with Southeast European trade and have well established cooperations with leading business law firms in Slovenia and Croatia.

Dispute Resolution

Our litigation services range from representing plaintiffs and defendants as well as their insurance companies in damages and warranty cases to complex commercial or business disputes of all types, medical malpractice and product liability cases, unfair trade practices, white color crime and real estate cases.

We represent our clients in national and international arbitration proceedings and enforce the arbitral awards.

We also offer our experience in settling disputes through mediation Services.


Pro Bono

Apart from the economical aspects of our work, we also serve the common good and regularly support projects that are carried by social responsibility.